FAQ: FARMASi Launching in Canada

FAQ: FARMASi Launching in Canada

Farmasi Canada Launch FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of questions have come our way in the past few months as we talk to so many eager individuals patiently waiting for the Canadian Launch of FARMASi. I'll address the importance of starting early, what kind of training we provide and why we do it, what's available to us right now and what isn't.

Please send us your questions through our Facebook, through our contact form, by email (teamglowgetter@gmail.com), or by commenting below. We get to them ASAP! And as always, if you're interested in the opportunity and wanting to join a dedicated team with leadership, training and like-minded individuals, please request to join our Facebook Group or send us a Message on our Facebook Page (also in the bottom right of the home page).

1. Is there an official Launch Date for FARMASi Canada?

No. As of today (Updated October 5th, 2020) there is no official date. Due to the pandemic, everything from Farmasi has been delayed, including Launch in Canada. Fall 2020 is what were told, but since the push back all the info we have is April 2021. As SOON as we know more information - we will update this answer.

2. Are Canadians able to get a Launch Kit?
No. Not until we are officially launched.

3. How does our team (#glowgetternation) offer training?
We teach the principles of building your Network Marketing business and building a network before launch. Our training has been developed by industry leaders over several years of experience and constantly evolves as social media and networking changes. We do our general Network Marketing training through posts and videos in our Facebook Group that cover a wide range of topics like 'How to Expand Your Network', 'Attraction Marketing', 'Tools For Success'.

4. What is the point of training if FARMASi isn't available in Canada yet?
Prelaunch is an EXTREMELY exciting opportunity to start building your network, creating excitement, providing product and brand knowledge to your network, and ultimately building a team so that come launch day you are set up for success and monumental growth. This is a GROUND FLOOR opportunity that will thrive off of the momentum you build up to launch day and will continue to push you through the months of success to come!

5. What will the Business Kits be and how much? 
Glad you asked! We have a blog post about the kits for you to check out! Please be aware that the price is in USD and will be changed as soon as we are aware of Canadian prices. Also keep in mind that kit contents can be changed at any time without notice. We have posted the most up to date information. 

6. What is the best kit to plan on signing up with?
It is up to you what is best for your budget! There are benefits to all of them.
$19.99 USD - Low cost up front! Minimal investment to get started right away if you don't have the funds to purchase a larger kit.
$49.99 USD - Lower cost up front with product to try!
​$125 USD - A reasonably sized kit with lots of products to try! This kit also qualifies you as an 'Active' Beauty Influencer - the amount of personal volume you need to qualify for bonuses!
$200 USD - A kit worth over $500 USD. Lots of product to try as well as duplicate product to have on hand to sell RIGHT AWAY! This kit also qualifies you as 'Active' for the month. 

7. What is a Beauty Influencer?
A FARMASi Beauty Influencer is the title of a person who is an official rep of the FARMASi brand and product, ie: YOU! - when you're able to purchase a Launch Kit!

8. What are the basics of the business opportunity?

  • Low Cost Launch Kit
  • Affordable Luxury Products
  • EU Compliant Products
  • Over 1000 product offerings in health, beauty and wellness
  • No Website Fees
  • Only $5 US every 6 months to keep your account activated
  • 50% personal Discount
  • 50% Commission on sales
  • Earn up to 25% bonus on team sales right on sign up
  • 11 other ways to earn bonuses
  • Never Tested on Animals
  • Available in over 125 countries

9. FARMASi offers a LOT of products. How are they able to keep the prices so affordable?
FARMASi owns their own manufacturing and packing warehouses. This allows them to keep the costs of products low and pass that on to the consumer. From their website:

'If you want to truly understand the heritage of Farmasi, we must see it as 2 separate entities. The first one is our state-of-the-art manufacturing company. We have one of the largest integrated cosmetics manufacturing plants in the world which is located in Istanbul, Turkey in an ecological environment. Integrated manufacturing means that we not only produce the bulk product, but also product most of our own packaging in-house, and we obtain our waters from the wells located within our facilities. We are mostly surrounded by beautiful green environment. Up to date, we have formulated thousands of products, launched more than 2.000 products, and shipped our products to over 125 countries all around the world.

At the other side of the story, there is a record-breaking direct selling company. Our company was founded in 2010 in our home country, Turkey. By achieving triple digit growth for the last 7 years, we are now operating in 25 markets in the form of direct selling. We have been experiencing significant growth which is mostly powered by best of class compensation plan, wide product portfolio, and amazing quality for the price paid, in each of the countries we start our operations.'

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