Get Started Right With #glowgetternation

Get Started Right With #glowgetternation

get started right with glowgetternation and farmasi canada


It's Summer 2021, FARMASi Just launched in Canada and you've enrolled, you've signed up for a kit, what now?

They say speed creates success and building a solid foundation in your first 4 months is crucial to maintaining continued success. At #glowgetternation we will refer to these first 120 days as your Business Launch, or your 4 month push. During these 4 months you have the opportunity to expand your kit by achieving minimum sales goals to get free product, you can use these for yourself or you can sell them at retail and make even more money. Going through the 4 month push in its entirety will help you create success habits that you will carry forward forever. This 4 month push is not just simple, but also easily duplicated for your teams, after all we are helping not only ourselves, but others to build their empires!

farmasi canada welcome program

The welcome program with FARAMSi is straight forward: sell $200 USD every month for the first 4 months and earn free product. This is equivalent to 200 personal points. Any purchases you make through your account are worth half the personal points (pp) because of our discount so if you buy $400 USD you'd hit 200PP. SO using any combination of these you need to hit 200PP, we really want to encourage you to sell to other people because that means you're making commissions, and being rewarded for your efforts vs spending your own money. We are advocates of making money before spending it. We want you to MAKE MONEY, not lose it. 

Selling $200 USD, 4 months in a row sounds really daunting but trust me, through a little "makeup math" and some 'attraction marketing' you'll be hitting this consistently by the 15th every month, leaving you the rest of the month to continue to grow your network!

I’m going to walk you through the first month, we are going to duplicate this for all 4 months.

Month 1: you've likely tried your first farmasi product or two.. if you haven’t yet that's okay, there is no need to wait. Pick your favorite product, for this example mine will be the Extreme Curl Mascara. A nice simple product every woman uses, mascara. The price of this Mascara is $14.90 USD. So let's take $200/14.90 and round up, we will need to sell 14 Extreme Curl Mascaras to reach our goal. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN ONLY SELL THIS ONE ITEM THIS MONTH BUT IT HAS GIVEN US AN ACHIEVABLE GOAL. 

You're going to take your Daily Printable (Provided to #glowgetternation team members) that you've received from Jade or Christina or your upline, and you're going to go through those tasks. Get comfortable with posting on social media and messaging people for the sake of conversation. 90% of conversations I have with people on Facebook messenger have nothing to do with FARMASi. We talk about their kids, their dogs, anything. For my mascara example, a sample post I would make would be posted with a cute selfie WEARING THE PRODUCT:
'When was the last time you replaced your mascara? 

Experts say you should replace mascara every 3-4 months. Eye to tube action puts tiny microrobes and germs from your eye into the tube and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This is normal sure but like we change our tooth brush every 3 months, same should be done with our mascara!

So tell me below, how old is your mascara?
No shame here, I went a long time not knowing either!'

People who like or react to the post, I will message them personally making conversation and after a bit I ask if they’d be interested in replacing their mascara with my Extreme Curl Mascara. They may say no and that's cool, but you've planted the seed and you're in their inbox so you've now gotten an in with the algorithm.

People who comment with how old their tube is, I'll message them, and say 'ooh, it's time, have you ever tried Extreme Curl Mascara by FARMASi?' They’ll say yay or nay and you can guide from there. People will be drawn in by how affordable it is for such good quality.

As we are going to learn a NO, is nothing personal, and nothing to be feared, it simply means 'not right now' but you don’t know if you don’t ask. 

Along with social media, you're going to be meeting people day to day, get comfortable introducing yourself as a FARMASi Beauty Influencer. I have a full time day job, that I adore, but I more often than not tell people I'm a beauty influencer first and foremost because that's where my potential is unlimited, and I can likely solve problems that they will have. 

We’ve now got a plan for month 1. Next what you will do is repeat exactly this for months 2, 3 and 4. But how are we going to make sales without being annoying to our social media channels? How are we going to hit $200 USD each month?

Here is the magic formula that I refer to as attraction marketing as it applies to social media, this is a tried and true duplicatable formula that will help you beat the algorithms, remain authentically you and make some sales:

1. Post up to 6 times per day on your Facebook Wall, some examples:

  • Motivational Quote - people love these, we do this most mornings, to kick the day off
  • Product Post (start with your item that you’re using for the month and expand)
  • Lifestyle Post (YOUR LIFE, what are you UPTO? People want to know YOU)
  • Farmasi Post (Team Shoutouts work great here, don’t have to use FARMAS)
  • Engagement/Interactive Post (asking people’s opinion on something or something fun to get people commenting)
  • Food/Fitness/Hobby Post (something you love)

  • Go LIVE and Make VIDEO CONTENT! Let people into your world, and the more you show up IN PERSON, the easier it will be for people to get to know you, like you and trust you! Tik Tok, Instagram Reels and Facebook Lives are the best ways to reach people. Youtube is also a great resource!

2. Comment on 20 friends posts on Facebook (Be Engaging and Genuine)
3. Message every single friend who has a birthday, get into those inboxes!
4. Get active on Instagram! Use stories and posting, this will help you reach a global audience.
5. Comment on 10 Instagram Posts, quality comments that engage.
6. Make sure you reply to all messages and emails people send you and be sure to respond to as many of the comments on your posts as possible, first and foremost to network but to also boost your algorithms!

Those are just some of the daily tasks for social media, when you join #glowgetternation we give you training on how to make the most of these and other tasks in something that we call daily power hour. Daily power hour is #glowgetternation’s secret to success and we are always seeking motivated individuals who are ready to glow up personally & professionally.

These social media tasks need to be crafted to suit your authenticity, and your comfort level but you need to do the bulk of them daily. Your posts and comments need to be authentic and genuinely you! We can’t wait to watch your success explode!

If you are in Canada and waiting for the official launch please Join our FARMASi Canadian Launch Group for Prelaunch training and to stay up to date with news.

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