Ground Floor Opportunity: FARMASi Canada

Ground Floor Opportunity: FARMASi Canada

Ground Floor Opportunity Farmasi Canada

Truly Ground Floor. FARMASi has not launched in Canada yet so RIGHT NOW is the time to learn more and get involved. This company originally started in Turkey and has quickly expanded to over 125 different countries.

FARMASi has 67 + years in the cosmetics and health industry so they know what they’re doing. In 2019 they expanded to the United States and in 2021 they will be adding Canada, Germany and Mexico! So what the HECK am I talking about and why are we so excited...?

No kidding! EU Compliant (has to be for the countries it's available in!)
I love makeup, but I also love saving money. I also make sure that my products are safe to use. Lately the compromise has been spending more to get higher quality, safer products.
$49 for a Foundation? It feels good, looks good, but ouch.. MY WALLET!
How about $22US? or 50% off when you are a Beauty Influencer ($19.99US sign up! HELLO!)
So... $11US for a foundation. Okay. Yes please.

Getting started is EASY. $19.99. One time. No monthly fees. No Autoships. No inventory. You'll receive company literature and samples of products you can try out. Better yet, there are other kits you can choose from if you want full sized products, extra discounts or products on hand to sell. IT'S YOUR CHOICE!!!

This speaks for itself. Even if you don't want to sell, you get 50% off the retail price listed on the website right at checkout! If you are selling, there's opportunity to earn up to 75%!

We each have a unique opportunity with FARMASi as a brand new company coming to Canada to achieve the FOUNDERS CLUB STATUS!! It's important we start generating excitement and interest in this opportunity RIGHT NOW so that we can all achieve these amazing bonuses. Make sure to Join our FARMASi Canadian Launch Facebook Group
 to get information on how to start launching your biz and gathering your team!

The Founders Club is open to the first 100 entrepreneurs that achieve the 25% bonus level. If you are among the first 100 who achieve this level, you will be
eligible to join the Founders Club.

Joining the Founders Club has many advantages:

• Eligibility to visit our factory in Turkey (all expenses paid) where you will witness every step of the production process and learn about our products in detail; receive
in-depth product training by our team of professionals; immerse yourself in our beautiful country.
• FREE Shipping on All Orders (while maintaining active Founder status)
• FREE Monthly Samples: receive a premium pack of samples for the featured product of the month.
• FREE Website Exposure: earn a highly-coveted spot on our website, where you can maximize your reach.
• FREE Leads: invitation to corporate promotional events and opportunity to generate leads on company-sponsored activities.
• Exclusive Early Access: receive new products earlier than others. You will have the privilege to use them and let us know about your valuable experience.
**If you do not satisfy Founders Club requirements you will be out of the club and next in line will proceed and join the club.

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