2021: The Year You Decided to Take a Leap and Reach Your Goals

2021: The Year You Decided to Take a Leap and Reach Your Goals

reach your goals in 2021

2021 is a month in and we're all trying to figure out our goals for the year and how we're going to crush them. Fitness, health, money, to do lists the length of our arms. I know that a lot of goal lists in general would read, "To have a better life." To most people this means more money, and more time, so we work more for more money to be able to take a little bit of time off for ourselves for the year, missing out on a lot more than we anticipated. Believe me. I know. I had been working 2 jobs for 2 years with a side hustle and I've missed out on a lot of opportunities and experiences. I quit my my part time job late 2018 because my side hustle gave me the FREEDOM and the MONEY to finally quit! It's allowed me to help pay off debt. I've now freed up time to do more things that will enrich my life. 2019 ended on a high note and I took that momentum into 2020. The pandemic hit, I lost my job and I grew more than I ever thought during the year. But I am also so in love with this opportunity that I've dedicated so much time into learning, that I want you to consider giving yourself this same gift.

It all starts with the Beauty Influencer Kit. It will be available in Canada some time this year (2020)

--- UPDATE OCT 2020 --- Now because of the pandemic, everything has been held back, including the launch for Farmasi in Canada. The word is now APRIL 2021.

There will be 4 kits to choose from ranging from 19.99USD to $200USD. (check out the list of contents by clicking here). When we dig a little deeper down beyond the surface of purchasing a kit, you'll find some amazing things (UPDATE AUG 2020: a lot of this can also apply to just starting your OWN business & what better time than this crazy pandemic):

1. Personal Development
Having a business will enrich your life. You may not know where to start or how to do it but I ensure you, you can learn everything if you are open to being coach-able. These things push us out of a comfort zones and help us grow personally and professionally. We provide training and help along the way.

2. Confidence in Yourself
The more you develop personally, the better you will feel about yourself. You have the confidence to achieve your goals, the ability to help others do the same, you will be doing things you never thought you were able to do before. It's an amazing and beautiful feeling that everyone deserves.

3. You Will Have an Army of Amazing Women Supporting You
#glowgetternation truly is a group of women cheering each other on, helping each other grow in business and in life. We have the tools and support line right up to Corporate to help us succeed. We live by our mission statement:
Empowering people to live their best lives: personally & professionally.
Join our FARMASi Canadian Launch Facebook Group!

4. Work Hard, Get Rewarded Even Harder
Farmasi Corporate loves to spoil its beauty influencers and congratulate them for their hard work at every working status in the company right from entry level. In the first 120 days of business you can earn a free trip, unlimited cash bonuses, and free product; ongoing monthly, team and leadership bonuses are also a fantastic incentive!

5. Time Freedom
It takes time to work and build a business but the time freedom pay off is greater than the time put in. Prioritize an hour a day consistently with our power hour daily task list and watch your business grow <3 Whatever your reasons for freeing yourself up financially and time wise - we've got your back and support you 110%. 

The kits themselves do have GREAT value in them and the product is high quality, European Union approved and won’t break the bank (I can't get over that a foundation will only be about $15!!). Don't be afraid of makeup if you don't think you're good at doing it; part of the fun on this journey is learning new things. PLUS you have an army of support behind you to help. I was NOT good at doing my makeup before I started my journey, but over the past few years I've had the chance to play with so many different products and build up my collection, I've improved so much!

Not just that but my selfie taking skills have also improved ;)

From no eyebrows in 2013 to a 2019 full of sexy brows and clear, unfiltered photos:

We have to start somewhere, and we get better and better as we work on our business and ourselves. Yes, it's scary. Yes, it's worth it. Give yourself a chance because WE believe you can and that you deserve it. If you are interested in changing your life you NEED to get in touch with us. You can join our Facebook Group Here!

We will be in touch with you as soon as possible!

-Christina xoxo 

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