Top Tips for Working From Home and Getting Shit Done

Top Tips for Working From Home and Getting Shit Done

Top Tips for Working From Home and Getting Shit Done

I've been trying to get into a productivity mindset at home since being laid off from my full time job in March 2020 (Pandemic Related). I've always been productive doing side hustle things at home but I've never had to work "full time" from home. So this has been new territory for me, as I'm sure it has been for a lot of us this past summer. This also applies to those of you who are transitioning from a full time job to working full time at home (Congratulations!) So if you're struggling with productivity working from home, read this. I wanted to share my top few tips that have been a game changer for me working from home full time.

1. Find and create your work space- I have a huge L shaped desk that I re-organized to help me be more productive through the day. I removed all of the possible distractions, put a place for my notebooks, pens and other things I needed to make my work day productive in my space. I dedicated this space to WORK ONLY. This keeps me in the working mindset the entire time I sit down at my desk. I also ordered a new chair that was ergonomic and better for posture. Make sure your space is comfortable and set up for the most productivity possible. 

2. Get out of the yoga pants, pajamas and sweatshirts- Of course we all have cozy days, but when you're in your most comfy clothes you want to go back to sleep. Studies show you are more productive when you dress up for the day. My rule of thumb is to always be ready to meet someone, or go Live on socials! Getting ready for the day keeps me motivated to get up early and keep me on a regular schedule. I find that when my schedule falters my motivation and my mental health declines. 

3. Pick music, a podcast, a show or a YouTube channel that will motivate you as background noise, but not distract you- There are a few podcasts and YouTube channels that I love that always inspire me to do something new. So I don't listen to those during working hours- only when I shower, drive, etc. When it comes to doing work, I can put The Office on in the background (I've watching it at least 30 times all 9 seasons), The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon clips on YouTube (I'm listening to it right now as I type this), or personal development podcasts or YouTube channels. I've often listened to audio books as well. 

4. Plan your day before it starts- I outline my month visually on a monthly calendar with bullet points,  I plan my next day the night before including meals, gym time etc., and I create my to do list in the morning to get me into the work mindset. Find a routine that works for you but make sure you know what you're doing the next day. I've always heard it said: 'Failing to plan is a plan to fail'. Having direction in your day will keep you on track.

5. Work in time blocks or task blocks- Depending on what I have on my to do list is how I structure my day. When I work in time blocks - these are for the tasks that take longer than most. I'll tell my google to set a timer for 45 mins, an hour - or however long I think the task will take. After I'm done the task I'll take a 10-15 min break. If the tasks I have set out for the day are shorter, I'll do about 3-5 tasks and then I'll take a 10-15 min break. During breaks, I like to get up and still keep up productivity. I'll empty / stuff the dishwasher, throw laundry in the wash or dryer, stretch, have a snack, eat lunch etc. I still try to keep my productivity going through my breaks. 

I hope these tips help! Let me know in the comments if you already do some of these things, or if there are other things that keep you productive while working at home I would love to hear them.

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