What can network marketing do for you? Farmasi Canada

What Can Network Marketing Do For Your?

what can network marketing do for you farmasi canada

When I started this Network Marketing thing, I really had no idea what I was getting into.

My first experience was awful. My second experience changed my life for the better and my experience now is completely life changing. It's not cliché when you hear someone say that anyone can do this, because it's true. Every skill you need to run a direct sales business from home you can learn. 

Network Marketing

My First Experience: It was awful. A friend messaged me and said, "Come to this meeting, I want to share this information with you." She wouldn't tell me what it was about - but essentially if you brought 3 people who paid $400 you got your $400 back. They had a mish mash of weird products from satellite TV to hair products. They were later shut down for... well... illegal reasons. (FHTM if you want to google them.) 

My second experience was with Beachbody. I love this company and their products! I didn't really know what it meant to be a coach, but it introduced me to personal development and reintroduced me to leading a healthy lifestyle after several years of binge drinking and terrible habits. I met so many amazing people, went to so many amazing events and learned a whole hell of a lot about myself and what I was capable of. I still use their products and will forever love Beachbody!

My experience with Younique was great. I didn't know much about the company other than I loved the eyeliner that I used. I also at this time, loved makeup, but didn't know much about it products or application. Once I tried more of the products from the kit that I had bought, I was having so much fun! I didn't know much about makeup and I was using recycled makeup looks from my teen years. As I worked the business I was discovering that I was doing things I never thought I would ever do: go live on Facebook, do my makeup every day, post selfies, building a team and naturally, becoming a leader. To step out of my comfort zone and break barriers within myself has boosted my confidence beyond anything I could imagine. I've learned so much about social media, and in turn I've found another passion for online marketing and blogging. 

After being introduced to FARMASi, my business partner and I decided to pursue it after extensive research into the products and the compensation plan. 50% commission and 50% off on already affordable luxury products was a no brainer for us. We used the skills we learned with our previous network marketing companies to set ourselves up for success and more importantly, set up a safe space for anyone wanting to do the same. We are now a bigger and better team than we ever have been. Literally 10 times the growth before we even launch. It's been a crazy ride but we are so in this. I can't wait to see our team FLOURISH!

So what can a network marketing business really do for you? 

What you need it to. 

When you find a product you truly love, it's easy to talk about it. When you have a team of amazing people behind you and cheering you on, it's easy to stay motivated. When you have an incredible company that truly wants everyone to succeed, learning the skills to do so becomes easier. Whatever your goals are is what you make of this business. You can start by wanting to pay extra on bills and turn it into retiring yourself from your full time job. You can use it to expand your makeup collection and generate some extra spending cash. You can use it to free your time up to spend with your family. It takes work, dedication, consistency and drive, but it is truly worth it in the end. 

2010: Before any Network Marketing Experience
2020: 8 years of Network Marketing Experience

There is quite a difference in these photos, but the way that I feel and what has changed within me between the time these 2 photos were taken in indescribable. I have become a much happier, healthier, confident person. I've learned so much about doing my makeup, taking care of my skin, eating healthier, how to take pictures, and not to mention the connections I've made with so many inspiring, strong, beautiful people - which I honestly didn't think was even possible. It's safe to say that network marketing has saved my life. I don't know who I would be without it. 

If it's something that intrigues you, or something that you've considered doing, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. #glowgetternation provides several tools for you to get your business going the right way so Join our FARMASi Canadian Facebook Launch Group!

xoxo Christina

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