Why Farmasi? Farmasi Canada


Why Farmasi? Farmasi Canada

I’m Jade! For those that don’t know me, I’m #glowgetternation's resident makeup artist and attraction marketing specialist. I help coach people to achieve success with their online cosmetic businesses using some fairly nontraditional, yet super effective marketing techniques.

#glowgetternation is a growing team of strong, hard working people who are all working on building their ideal lives! The team is all about community; we support each other, cheer each other on and have fun doing it.

So what is FARMASi and why do we love it?

A lot of you have found this post because you’ve searched FARMASi or FARMASi Canada, and for those who are just beginning the search, let me say WELCOME! You’re in the right place. For those who are maybe familiar, WELCOME TO YOU TOO! Welcome to Glowgetternation, you are always welcome here.

So FARMASi. What is it?

FARMASi is a high end line of EU approved cosmetics that WILL NOT BREAK THE BANK. They have been around for 67 years, which makes them no stranger to innovation. Farmasi has one of the world’s largest state of the art integrated cosmetic manufacturing facilities in the world. Integrated Manufacturing means that they not only produce the bulk product but it also means they produce most of their own in house packaging. What does this mean for beauty influencers and consumers? Lower costs: affordability across the range.

The direct sales division of FARMASi started in 2010 in their home country, Turkey. The opportunity is offered in 25 countries and counting with their sights set next on Canada, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, & Russia in 2020. FARMASi is experiencing exponential growth and has been easily keeping up with the huge demands, which is something favorable among Beauty Influencers. Product that you promote, in stock? Imagine that!

FARMASi has launched more than 2000 products and ships to over 125 countries around the world making this a truly global opportunity. They have a wide range of makeup, skincare, nail polishes, Fragrances in both feminine or masculine scents and more.

What appealed to us the most about the products was not only the variety but the quality that you are getting for such affordable prices. The United States only bans 11 chemicals from makeup where as the European Union bans over 1100, making EU approved skincare a must for #glowgetters.

Let’s talk opportunity: There are plenty of them out there but why FARMASi? Well, to put it bluntly there really aren’t any other sales opportunities that give you :

  • 50% commission on all of your sales
  • 11 ways to make easy bonus’ FROM THE DAY YOU START. ENTRY LEVEL EVEN
  • 50% discounts on product for yourself
  • No website fees
  • Low Investment. $19.99 USD to kick off your business is one of the lowest in the business
  • Unique opportunity to truly put your foot-mark in the history of a rapidly expanding company.

Why GlowgetterNation?

Jade & Christina are here to help you achieve success. When you succeed, they succeed plain and simple. With a shared 13 years of sales and marketing leadership success on a global scale they will provide you with the coaching and tools you need to succeed if you bring the passion and work ethic. They are constantly looking for people who are ready to rise, and realize their inner potential! You can expect 1 on 1 coaching, customized plans to help you reach your goals and a large array of training methods sure to meet your needs. We meet you where you are in your journey. 

To get up to the minute updates on information in your country please Join our FARMASi Canadian Launch Facebook GroupWe are currently accepting Founding Beauty Influencer Applications From Canada to prepare for Launch (We are also Canadian!) For up to the minute news on this opportunity and to become a part of the Global Phenomenon that is FARMASi Canada please leave your email at:


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